March 27, 2019

5 Tips for a stress-free wedding

Wedding planning is bringing stress in your couple and make you loose sleep? Lucky you, I might have some tips for you (acquired after seeing first hand what a stressed couple at their wedding is like!). Here are my best stress free-wedding tips

        1. Reduce your guest list

Inviting so and so because you’re inviting so and so, is a very bad idea. On the day, you’ll want to relax and take time to have a conversation with your guests. If there are too many people, you won’t be able to. Invite your close friends and family and don’t worry about the ones you won’t invite, it’s YOUR day!

 2. Hire good vendors

In order to make a good wedding planning job, you need to choose your vendors carefully: spend a bit of time to look for the perfect vendors that speaks to you. Take time to meet with them if you can, or arrange at least a Skype call with them to make sure you guys are on the same page. Usually, the more info you give about what you want for the wedding, the better. They will be here for you, and to make sure you’re having a good time, and stress-free wedding. Here is a list of awesome vendors you can trust:

Another option is to let the fantastic team at Under the Moon Elopements to take care of EVERYTHING for you: the venue, the hire, the catering, the vendors, the sleeping arrangement… with very competitive packages. By offering all-inclusive packages with their very carefully curated vendors, the best of the best in the region, Ash and Chris now can help you focus on yourself and your partner, and make it a stress free wedding planning. They take care of the all details, so you don’t have to. They set the venue, they organise the hairdresser, liaise with the make-up artist. Make sure the food you ordered can be gluten-free if you need, and we even organise a pampering spa session in the morning for you… It’s just the ultimate stress-free option!

5tipsforastressfreewedding underthemoonelopements
under the moon elopements

 3. Delegate!

The ‘hire good vendors’ brings us to the ‘delegate!’ tip! Trust your vendors. You have hired them because they know what they are doing. Trust your family and friends to help you out too. They will feel rewarded to be helping you out for your wedding! It’s an honour!

 4. Set a budget

Make sure you set a realistic budget that you can keep to. Financial stress can be a tricky one to avoid, so make sure you and your partner have a set budget; and that you have realistic goals matching this budget. Again, talk to your vendors, making sure you understand the costs involved with what you want. Try the Hello May wedding planner; it will help keep track of everything :

5tipsforastressfreewedding hm diaries blush grande
Hello May Planner

5. On the day, let yourself relax

Remember: your wedding day is YOUR day. Yours and your partner’s. Not Uncle John’s and his wife’s. You are getting hitched to celebrate the love you have, not to show off how awesome your event planning skills are. Take time to have a moment for yourself in the morning, to pamper, to unwind and to re-center. Why not try a little yoga session the morning of your wedding? Check

5 tips for a stress-free wedding idoyogawedding
5tipsforastressfreewedding idoyogawedding