Hilary and Rupert booked me without us having met each other. After multiple conversations by emails, we had our date planned. Then, later, I saw Elle down the street (Elle James Make Up Artist) and she said: ” Oh ain’t you have Hilary and Rupert booked for a wedding later in the season? You’ll see, they are so so lovely! I just met Hilary, and I can’t wait to work with them!” . You know it’s going to be a great “day at work” when the vendors are already that excited about a wedding. Well, it didn’t disapoint! Hilary and Rupert was the perfect way to finish off the wedding season.
Their smiles and love looking at each other says it all really…
Accomodation: Mirador Springs
Venue: Parents’ Home
Dress: Pronovias
Earrings: Ryan Storer
Flowers: Flower Muse
Event Coordinator: Jacinta from Events by Jacinta
Marquee and Furniture hire: Bespoke Event Hire
Music: Baker Boys
I first arrived at Mirador Springs where Rupert and the groomsmen were getting ready. It already started with a bang as I knocked on the front door and a beautiful border collie greeted me (I have a soft spot for border collies!). The ambiance was calm but buzzing with laughter and smiles. The girls from Alchemy Hair were doing touch ups on the Rupert’s mum’s while Rupert and his were drinking champagne.
I then drove to the other cottage where the girls were getting ready. Hilary’s dad was making himself a sandwich while the girls, dressed in colorful silky dressing gowns, poured themselves a drink. We took the formal “cheers” photo, then the bridesmaids started getting dressed. Hilary took the time to put a boutonniere on her mum who was getting a bit teary watching her daughter.
Helped by the girls, Hilary put on her beautiful dress from Pronovias (honestly the most stunning dress), put on her Alias Mae shoes and Ryan Storer earings…she was ready! Well, nearly ready, she still had to put her dad’s boutonniere on. So she called him in the room. He hadn’t seen her in her wedding dress yet. He stepped in and looked at her, his stunning daughter. The emotions were palpable. They nearly forgot about the boutonniere then!
The ceremony was held at Hilary’s parents, on their land they use for farming. The marquee (Bespoke Event Hire) was all set up beautifully overlooking the rolling hills of Trafalgar. The flowers made by Flower Muse were all complementing the autumn colors of the landscape perfectly. Jacinta (Events by Jacinta) was directing the guests towards the ceremony chairs. Father Hugh was the celebrant that day and made a comment on how God spared them the bad weather for today (it had been raining the full 4 days prior to the wedding!). It was a good sign.
After nice singing by the choir boys (including Rupert!) and after the signing the papers, guest threw what it seemed to be a tornado of confetti which submerged the couple.
Seeing that the light was running scarce, we quickly went down the driveway – Hilary and Rupert in style in a Triumph car – where a little picnic blanket with food, drinks and a stove was waiting for us. The bridal party then relaxed there for a bit on the wood logs around the stove. We popped the champagne and took some pictures.
Up at the marquee, the guests were getting directed for the sit down meal by Going Gourmet while music from the Baker Boys soothed in the background. The guests enjoyed the wine list that Rupert’s dad had carefully curated for the occasion.
Hilarious speeches were made by the bride and groom’s parents, then by the siblings.
Lastly, Rupert and Hilary surprised everyone (including me!) by doing an epic choreographed dance. “Yes, we love Jersey boys” they said smiling while we said goodbye. Rupert dad’s then waved at myself and Amy (second shooter) giving us a lovely bottle of champagne that he had carefully selected “just for the road” he said to Amy (I was driving).