The Experience with me




Can I get all the RAW footage of the session?

Do you travel international?

Is it going to be fun?

YES! My job is to help you let your guard down and enjoy the day, so I can snap you looking your most beautiful, relaxed and happy. I’ll never make you pose in awkward positions or make you do anything that you’re not 100% comfortable with – most importantly, I won’t send off any awkward third-wheel vibes

Snooper, hey? While some photographers are happy to share all the RAW and unedited images with their clients, I prefer to wait until I’ve selected only the best shots with perfect lighting and editing. The whole day will be beautiful but no one needs a high-def shot of Aunty Martha’s fourth chin that comes out during a belly laugh or a glimpse of what lies beneath cousin Andrew’s kilt…

YES! I have my passport ready to go wherever your love wants to take us. I am based in Melbourne - Australia, and go back and forth between Europe and Australia. So chances are, if you are wanting to tie the knot in Melbourne, France, UK or Italy, I am probably there already so you don't pay international travel fees.



Will my images be watermarked?

What resolution will the photos be in?

I will supply high-res photos that you can print up to a size of 11”x14” (approx A3) as well as web friendly alternatives, which you can easily share online. All my images come with a licence for personal use only.

The videos are given in extra HD 1080px

No. Well, not unless you spill actual water on them… Your images belong to you and are designed to be printed – my logo is awesome but you can have too much of a good thing.