Let’s get (a little bit) serious for a second…

Awesome wedding photography is not an expense, but an investment. Just like your rings, your wedding photos will be a tangible reminder of one of the most special days of your life – also, you can’t lose your photos down the sink when you’re doing the washing up. OK, OK, I’ll be serious!

Time moves quickly on your wedding day and unless you’ve got eyeballs in the back of your head (in which case, I’m hiring you as my second photographer), you’ll undoubtedly miss a few things…but that’s why I’m here!

I’ll make sure that your whole day is fully documented so you can recall not only how this celebration of your love looked but also how it really felt.

It’s a numbers game.

(I was an accountant in a previous life…it sucked.)

Before – I’ll spend around 50 minutes checking that my gear is cocked, locked and ready to rock, 35 minutes packing all of the necessary equipment and around 3 hours of admin work (emailing, creating quotes, sending receipts, checking schedules/timelines and road maps).

On the Day – I’ll be with you for around 8 hours, during which I will have taken about 2000 shots (photos, not Cognac – it’s not my wedding!), drank 1 litre of water, and sat down for approximately 0.0 seconds (not counting driving, when I’ll be perched on my seat in anticipation!).

After – Once all of the excitement of the big day is over, it’s my job to help you remember it – so I’ll spend around two hours carefully selecting the best images, 12 hours editing these images, 1.5 hours to back-up, re-back-up and then back-up again (you ain’t losing them on my watch!), and around 6 minutes of kettle boiling to provide me with the caffeine fix needed to do all of the above.

Grand Total – Seriously, who’s counting? All that matters is that I have enough time to provide you with the service* and photos that you deserve!

* I’ll also do your yearly accounts for a bottle of Cognac…although I cannot guarantee the results.


Not sure what the industry numbers are for wedding photography pricing? Here’s a great guide put together by the lovely team at Dancing With Her:

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Photography Packages

All our packages are curated to offer you the perfect collection of everything you need. They all include a full day of coverage with high-end professional photography

+ Pre-wedding meeting (online or over a cuppa) and consultations
​+ Full day coverage – flat fee up to 8hrs
+ High-resolution photographs (ready for all your prints)
+ Low-resolution photographs (for all your social medias)
+ Online custom gallery
+ Online easy custom print store made for you
+ 10 fine art prints and a USB carefully packed in a beautiful package

Packages start at $3,200

View all packages

petitevisuals title videography


Your wedding day in a relaxed documentary-style video, capturing unforgettable memories. All our packages include:

+ Pre-wedding meeting (online or over a cuppa) and consultations
​+ Full day coverage – flat fee up to 8hrs
+ Minimum of 4 minutes HD video with audio recording
+ The video will be available online in a customised gallery and link
+ Your video in .mp4 format on a USB carefully packed in a beautiful package 

Packages start at $3,400

View all packages

Optional Extras:

* Add drone footage to your video *

* Add a second shooter ($550) *

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The most relaxed couples are often the ones who get the most authentic pictures, so unless you want to go down the risky route of self-medicating with vodka & tonics before your ceremony, I recommend booking in for an Engagement Shoot.

This personal session is designed to get you feeling comfortable in front of a camera (with the added bonus of capturing stunning images of two as loved-up fiancés), so that you feel Absolut-ly chilled on the big day.

You’ll get: 1-2 hour shoot, all images professionally edited, online gallery where you can view and share your photos, selected images in high-resolution ready-to-print and a web-friendly set to share online, ~50 images and at least 1 min video with audio recording.


petitevisuals title family

This is hands-down one of the best parts of my job – I get to document the beauty of families during their everyday life.

In this intimate session, I’ll capture the natural and genuine expressions as you interact with your children.

My journalistic style means that I shoot images that will make you look back and say “Oh God, I LOVED that jumper!” and “That was her favourite toy!” and maybe even “Jeez, what was I thinking with that wallpaper…”

The price is based on a two-hour shoot with a family of four or less with ~120 professionally edited photos. I can also provide a 1-2 minute video, with an extra fee if you’d like the video edited, from $210.