Let’s have the talk. 

Awesome wedding photography is not an expense, but an investment. With your wedding rings, your photos will be the last TANGIBLE thing you have after your wedding day finishes. Trust me, it goes super fast and you won’t have time to see it all…that’s why we are here. We are here to show you what you might have missed and to show you how friggin’ awesome you two lovers are.

I am here to show you how it felt.

Let’s talk numbers.

On the day, I will be with you on the for an average of 8 hours. During these 8 hours, I will have taken about 2000 shots, drank 1 L of water, and sat down for about 0.0 seconds (unless I am driving).

After the wedding day, I will spend on average 2 hours to carefully select your images, 12 hours to edit your photos, 1.5 hours to back up, re-back and back up again, 2 hours to create your online gallery, and spend about 6 minutes waiting for the kettle to boil for my cups of teas.

Before the wedding day, I will have spent about 50 mins to check that my gear is in tip top shape to work, I will have spent 35 mins to pack properly all the stuff I need. I will have spent a total of 3 hours on average on admin work relating to your wedding: replying to emails, creating quotes, sending receipts and checking the schedules/timelines and road maps.

If you aren’t sure what the industry numbers should be for the wedding photography pricing, here is a great guide put together by the lovely team at Dancing With Her:

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Photography Packages

All our packages are curated to offer you the perfect collection of everything you need. They all include a full day coverage, high-end professional photography

+ Pre-wedding meeting (online or over a cuppa) and consultations
​+ Full day coverage – flat fee up to 8hrs
+ High-resolution photographs (ready for all your prints)
+ Low-resolution photographs (for all your social medias)
+ Online custom gallery
+ Online easy custom print store made for you
+ 10 fine art prints and a USB carefully packed in a beautiful package

Packages start at $3,200

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Your wedding day captured through a documentary and relaxed styled video, keeping unforgettable memories. All our packages include:

+ Pre-wedding meeting (online or over a cuppa) and consultations
​+ Full day coverage – flat fee up to 8hrs
+ Minimum of 4 minutes HD video with audio recording
+ The video will be available online in a customised gallery and link
+ Your video in .mp4 format on a USB in a nice little package 

Packages start at $3,400

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* Possibility to add drone footage added to your video as an extra option *

* Possibility to add a second shooter (extra $550) *

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Get in the mood before your wedding! Add a short and sweet engagement shoot so you can get to know me, get used to me photographing you before the big day, and get awesome relaxed shots before the big day!

includes: 1-2 hour shooting, all images professionally edited, online gallery where you can view your photos and share them, your selected images in high resolution ready-to-print and a web-friendly set to share online, ~50 images and at least 1 min video with audio recording


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This is one of my most favourite things to do: documenting people and families living their life. My photography style is somewhat more ‘documentary’ and ‘journalistic’ than ‘posed photos’ kind. I like to direct as little as possible and find the most genuine expressions and little details in people/things. I like photos that tell a story, not only the ‘pretty pictures’. Looking back at your family photos you’ll be able to say: “remember that wallpaper in the kitchen? and that toy?!! remember how you loved that jumper…”. But don’t get me wrong, I also do coach you a little for the portraits but I always make sure you feel confortable.

I base my price on a family of 4 or less, for 2 hours shooting. Included in that price you get ~120 professionally edited photos. I can also provide a 1-2 mins little video (extra fee for the editing of the video apply. From $210).