March 14, 2019

Every couple I photograph have a unique story, and a unique way to make their wedding day their own. When I arrived to David’s family home, I immediately knew that this wedding was going to be special.

It was an odd rainy + hot + overcast + sunny summer’s day, well actually perfectly normal for Victoria (Australia) in summer. Amy and David created a ‘diy’ wedding out in the backyard of David’s Nan’s farmhouse (now occupied by his uncle who raises cattle and grow loads of yummy fruits and veggies). However, I don’t really like using the term DIY in this context, because it doesn’t really resonate with this wedding – but I can’t find another term yet that does it justice. We have this conception of a wedding that has to be constructed, planned and made out of items that are solely made for the wedding day (like jars with hessian fabric bought in bulk, or a massive donut wall display). Well, for Amy and David’s wedding, all the things making the wedding gathered together flawlessly, like it was MEANT to be there. Not necessarily planned, just effortlessly just where it should be. It felt like an intimate wedding shared with 60+ people. No frills, but everything with a meaning. Like Amy’s veil, who has been worn for over 4 generations by David’s family matriarchs. The cakes were made by the aunties from scratch with the precious family recipes, and the grazing table by a cousin. Everyone had a little role and it made it even more special. Amy and David’s chemistry also made the day even more pleasant to capture. Between family photos and speeches, I was invited back to the kitchen for a cuppa and cake by David’s Nan. We talked about our families and Europe. I even got to speak french with David’s aunties who studied in Belgium for a while.

It felt like I was home.

And I think that is the word I would describe this wedding: A Homely Gathering to celebrate Amy and David’s love.


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