February 3, 2020


The latest collection of Cathleen Jia bridal wear was everything I looked for when organising this shoot. I went to Melbourne in the Smokey Oscar studios wanting to get creative with flowy fabrics, movements, natural light and overall beauty. I wanted to work on classic portraiture, with meaning and modern lines. An ode to Classicism in modern times.

I was lucky to have Sandy and Anna by my side to be my models for the day. They trusted me to create the imagery that was only in my mind so far without any doubts.

Elle James (MUA) also managed to capture EXACTLY the natural and glow vibe I wanted to showcase. an to be honest, I wouldn’t have done this shoot if Elle wouldn’t have been by my side.
The make up which enhanced perfectly the natural beauty of the feminine form is what it was all about.

Katie from Pollen and Patina also worked on pieces of floral art. Yes, what she created is truly art. It’s classic, and modern. It has volume and simple lines.

We also had a visit from Mirjana from Torte by Mirjana with a stunning vegan cake. Again, a cake as a stand alone piece of art that would have its place in Le Louvres.

The jewellery was by Fairley. I only picked gold and ivory pearl to go with the looks to add a bit of warmth around the concrete walls and stones that we had around. Gold as a sunlight and pearl elements as the earth tones.